7 Reasons to Aim for financial independence       

reasons to aim for financial independence

Financial Independence can be your biggest aim in your ’20s and ’30s to retire early and have extra time to enjoy (YOLO). While there is nothing wrong in working in a conventional manner. Working hard till the sixties and saving a bit daily to retire peacefully. It just has a bigger allure to retire early and be financially independent. No work and no tension about money.

If you still don’t get why is financial independence amazing here are the top reasons:

  1. More time for family: Just ask any office goer on the street if they would like to spend more time with their family. I suspect the answer will always be positive. Being able to have more time for family and make memories that will last a lifetime is a desire for all. It’s not just an issue of time. The burden of responsibilities, strict due dates, meetings and salary all create heavy stress. You are not able to be you even when you get some time out for your family. The best thing about not having to worry about earning is that you get free of stress and are able to not only devote time but also be mentally free. Financial Independence is all about being free and independent after all.
  2. Explore your hobbies and passion: Your job takes up all your time and leaves you burnt out making it hard to put your hard-earned holidays into hobbies and passion. Being financially independent now you no longer have to be bound. You can now explore and try things you wouldn’t have thought about. Art, music or literature all are now in your grasp. Passion can even turn to a business which you do not for money but for enjoyment.
  3. Give back to the world: Happiness in life lies in giving back to the world you are from. You are now free to donate to charities working for a humanitarian cause. You would be able to volunteer to help people going through difficult times or those whom lady luck forgot. Also will get the opportunity to work with NGO’s and organizations around the world without concern for being risking your own financial future.
  4. Live a healthier life: Life can be a lot healthier without mental stress and pressure dictating your life. You don’t have to continuously worry for office politics and deadlines. Will be able to spend more time living a healthier life. Be able to lead a more active and robust life. Your life schedule won’t be bound with your work routine. No more sleepless nights. No more rising blood pressure but a better overall mental health.
  5. Able to decide your workplace: Even if you are financially independent you may not want to completely give up on working. Not for the money but for personal enjoyment. It can be really boring to not have anything much to do after a period of time. The great news is that since you are no longer bound to a job or business, you are free to set up your work anywhere in the world. If want to work on your bed then that’s fine. If you prefer to work while in a hammock looking over the beach then even that is fine.
  6. Time to Introspect: With being always on the clock we forget how important it is to have some time for yourself. When you have financial independence you can actually self introspect and look at your raw inner self. Improve and be a better person as a whole. You can find inner happiness, the meaning of your life and answers to question about your self that no one other than yourself can answer. Meditation can be an amazing tool for this.
  7. Can take more risks: Since you don’t have to worry about having your daily bread you can actually take better risks. Starting your own venture is no longer do or die. You can try different possibilities and experiment. You can create a startup worth millions and hit jackpot. Just be sure not to use your money for independence in your venture. Financial independence is sustainable.

These seven reasons are why people aim for financial independence. If you would like more such article do consider commenting below and sharing the article.

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