Why should you wake up at the same time daily?

Why waking up at the same time is good for you?

Do you go for snooze the moment your alarm rings up? Or Do you keep messing up your sleep cycle for that unending work and social life? Our sleeping affects us in more than one way. A night of bad sleep can be the cause of lethargy and overall unproductive day if not the many health issues like hair fall, insomnia, depression to count some of many.

Well, you bet that’s a bummer.

Why bother waking up at the same time daily?

Waking up at the same time can be immensely beneficial. Especially if you are in a habit of having multiple alarms set up or hitting snooze daily. Every time you hit snooze you admit defeat to yourself and lose a little more of your will power.

Waking up at the same time can help you tackle insomnia and also improve your sleep quality. It saves you from falling asleep again, as you progress you will find it easier to stay awake than falling asleep again. I can vouch for that from my personal experience. This saves you some quality time to spend on yourself. You can get some work done, exercise or simply relax.

The best thing is being consistent allows you to make routines around waking up.

After some time you would wake up at the same time even if you don’t have your alarm(s) set up. Your body’s natural clock called circadian rhythm will adapt and help you wake up automatically.

Waking up with alarm vs without one

As per an article by ABC news:

Natural light is better to wake up to than an alarm clock. According to Research by the National Institute of Industrial Health in Japan, despite the popularity of using an alarm clock, waking up to a jolting noise can be bad for your heart. Waking up abruptly can cause higher blood pressure and heart rate.

How to wake up at the same time daily?

Waking up at the same time is simple all you have to do is rewire your circadian rhythm and you will be able to consistently beat your alarm clock. The way to start is really straight forward. Just use your will power and drag yourself out from the bed. It is hard for the first few days then it gets easier. Oh, and don’t forget to track your progress not only will this motivate you it will also act as a benchmark to achieve. Just don’t quit. Within 3-4 days you will notice yourself feeling sleepy at the same time.

After you spend 2 or 3 weeks you would notice that you even without the help of an alarm clock you will be able to wake up at the same time. You would not feel any more of that immense pull to return to bed that strongly anymore as progress.

Do not change the timing even on weekends or holidays. If you start doing that, building muscle memory and consistency will be hard. If you are going for this change in lifestyle then I will also urge you to change your waking up time to early morning. Waking up early

Habits are powerful once you make it. You will see that now it is easier for you to fall asleep and wake up easily.

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28 Responses

  1. Joan Cajic says:

    I always wake up everyday at the same time but I guess it’s because of the kids but even if I try and sleep in my body is just used to it that I have to get up.

  2. GiGi Eats says:

    My body naturally wakes me up at the same time every day – dare I say, it’s like clock work? LOL! But seriously, it’s kind of weird how it works. I don’t need an alarm clock, even though I use one anyways… I always wake up right before it’s supposed to go off!

    • Som says:

      Mother nature is truly full of wonders. The internal body clock you are talking about is your circadian rhythm. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Rach says:

    I always recommend this to my clients as well. Waking up at the same time really helps you work with your natural sleep and wake rhythms and improves sleep in general. Great post!

  4. Natalia says:

    I usually wake up at the same time daily, because of my work. Now I’m on holidays, and I must say that my body is a little bit strange, no matter how long I sleep, I wake up the same tired everyday. 🙂

  5. I try to wake up at the same time daily. Even on the weekends, I have my alarm set.

  6. Ola says:

    My problem is that I can wake up at the same time each day with no problem. It’s going to bed at the same time that’s a challenge. I’ve GOT to do better with that.

  7. I don’t usually have a problem waking up at the same time although now that the kids are out of school I slip every now and then. My problem is that I don’t go to sleep at the same time every night.

    • Som says:

      Hi Nicole,
      That’s a major hurdle for many and you are definitely not alone in this. Social media and work are also not helping our case but a little commitment can go a long way. Waking up at the same time has enough benefits that it can’t really be ignored. Thanks for commenting.

  8. This is a thing that I can’t still follow in life but I love to. Thank you for writing about this.I hope this will be a useful post for so many people.Happy blogging 🙂

  9. I have a problem getting up everyday! I am not a morning person, but since I’m an empty nester and work at home, I try to get up by 9 am everyday.

    • Som says:

      Hi Myrah,
      Don’t worry about not being a morning person. If you work late hours it’s natural that you will wake up late as well. To bring consistency to wake up time is the key though. It does take the power of will to start waking up at the same time but once it turns to habit it is as easy as pie.

  10. I wake up at the same time every day, then hit snooze twice and get up, does that count as ok?

    • Som says:

      Hi Emma,
      It’s great that you try to wake up at the same time daily but hitting that snooze button actually does more harm than good. This is as you will most likely feel tired and lethargic if you snooze than wake up at once. It will feel tiresome to wake up in a single run at first but in a few days, you will start to feel more refreshed and energetic. Thanks for sharing your experience. I tackled the issue of snoozing here in this article:
      How to wake up early!/

  11. aisasami says:

    I always wake up early every day, around 8 am. However, I am terrible with the weekends when I don’t have to hit the alarm. I have to work on that because weekends are meant to be my charge days when my energy is at 10%.

    • Som says:

      Hi aisasami,
      Thanks for commenting. Sleeping in on weekends is definitely something I too used to do. I do understand that after a week of work some quality sleep is just what we deserve but then our health demands consistency. You can a> Try increasing your sleep duration for every day to 7-8 hours b> You can practice meditation and yoga to recharge yourself. c> If you do already sleep 7-8 hours you should consider making a morning routine that makes you feel more in control and also be super active.

  12. Alexandra Cook says:

    Waking up at the same time gets your body in a routine. This routine helps you AND your mind cope with your daily responsibilities.

  13. Ruth I says:

    Waking up at the same time everyday helps you build discipline. I admit that it’s difficult to do this at first but if you can do start doing it repeatedly it will be easy. I need to practice it myself.

  14. Kristy Bullard says:

    I try to wake up at the same time every day, but it can sometimes be difficult with kids. You never know what they need (or if they’ll get six in the middle of the night. And, our sleep schedule is crazy in the summer.

  15. Priya says:

    I realize the need of waking up at time, but lately my schedule hasn’t been allowing me to get sound sleep. I think it’s high time I need to get back in my sleeping cycle again.

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