Time Management For Students [Step by Step Guide]

In this guide to time management for students, I will provide you with all the points and steps that will make a difference of you acing or being amongst the mediocre.

You must have seen at least a few who hardly seem to make any effort in the class but always end up with top grades. There is a secret to that. Many don’t know and many simply underestimate it. The secret is Time Management.

All you have to do is manage time effectively and study hard I know this sounds lame and hard work but behind almost all glamorous scenes there is unseen hard work and grinding involved.

I will simplify this process for you and provide all the steps involved.

Time is of the essence when it comes to studies. To manage time effectively will make the difference between you gaining modest marks and you ace the exam.

Studies require devotion and time especially if there is an important exam you are studying for.

Don’t worry though we are here to address this issue of yours and make your study session a whole lot streamlined. In this article on how to manage time for you folks. I will provide you with the guidelines that will help you make the most for your time.

What is time management?

Guide To Time Management For Students [Score Higher Always]

Time management means to distribute your time in an order which will help you complete your task most effectively. The allocation of time and then to follow through with it is what we can call time management.

Time management and the follow through must go hand in hand. If you only manage time and never follow through it, you will only end you wasting your time.

Steps to manage time: –

Guide To Time Management For Students [Score Higher Always]

Write down a schedule and don’t plan in your head:

  • Make a to-do list weekly for which subjects you wish to handle on which day on paper or digitally.
  • You can set reminders to help you remember what to do when. This has to be daily on that days morning or preferably the night before. Make use of calendars and apps or just use an alarm.
  • Your Schedule should give more time to subjects that you are weak in.
  • Making a habit to review what you accomplished every Sunday or Saturday can go a long way.
  • You can plan to study the subject you find the hardest at a time in which you find yourself have effective. Like if you are weak in math and work best in the morning. Then do morning sessions for math daily.
  • I suggest studying subjects which require practice or are mechanical in nature prime example being math to be studied daily.

Here is a guide to help you with math.

How to give time to subjects?

  • I would suggest a 45-50 min study session with a 15-10 min break time.
  • Also, keep in mind if you feel a bit more distracted you can use time Pomodoro technique which is similar but lighter than what I suggested.
  • You should switch up your subjects an after every one or two study sessions. Maybe a difficult subject followed by an easy one?
  • What you can also do is during revision sessions make time 30 min revision of chapter 15 min break and a 15 min chapter test. This works wonders for revision. Just get chapter wise test from the internet or get a book for the same from library or market just doesn’t use an issue that’s too old.

Where to study and the environment?

  • You should study at a place with proper lighting and I would suggest having two or more such places.
  • Studying at different locations for a change can help break up the monotony.
  • You should invest time in getting your supplies ready ahead of time maybe in bulk.
  • Studying at places where there is silence can help for some and may like to study at places with background noise. It’s up to your own comfort.
  • The places you may find great to study at can be:
    • Library
    • Rooftop terrace
    • Cafes
    • And most probably your own bedroom/study room.

Minimizing distractions: –

  • This is one of the biggest concern of today’s time.
  • Use apps like
  • Ask your friends and family to not look for you during the scheduled time.
  • You can also completely block your social media handles if they distract you too much.

The secret to managing time with habits:

I strongly believe that good habits can help you get the most of your newly made time management plan. You will find it way easier if some of your sessions became habits.

For instance, a habit to study math daily at 6:30 am is easy to maintain once you are through the first two weeks or so. Just link your habits to make a habit chain to make it even easier.

So, it will be like a wake up at 6 am then brush and do some light exercise to get your blood pumping then go for study session then go for a walk. These once started with good momentum are easy to maintain.

Check this guide to make a morning routine that will lead you to success.

Use habit tracker apps for first few weeks. This will make it further easier to follow.

What to do if you fail to follow the plan?

Guide To Time Management For Students [Score Higher Always]

You are bound to miss a day or two maybe even get a whole week without any progress. This should not demotivate you managing time is more like a skill with its own learning curve.

When you deviate from system clear your mind and remember to believe in the process. Then start again with the same intensity. It is not hard to manage your time such that it works for you just that it needs some practice.

You should use some app I used habit app which I will provide a link to but any app will be fine. Keeping track of your time is after also necessary.

Some final thoughts and conclusion.

Guide To Time Management For Students [Score Higher Always]

While I am an advocate for managing time. I do believe that monotonous life has its own harms. So, its fine rather much advised that you take a break from routine and go out with family and friends at times (note at times). Enjoy the time responsibly and you will be able to manage time for both academics as well as for your daily life.

Taking time out daily to play, exercise and spend time with those dear to up is time used well and this can be achieved if you manage your time effectively.

I hope that you found this article on how to manage time for students helpful.

Comment and share, it helps keep the community alive.

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