Things to do this festive season

The festive season is knocking on our doors. This is means a time for holidays, festivities and fun. This also means time with family relatives and friends. Tasty dishes to relish and enjoy. The excitement and mood is set for festivities happiness and joy around the corner.

Festivals not only lighten our mind but also ignite that deep festive fire inside you wanting to see your relative have fun with friends. Travel to your hometown and have time away from work and pressure of responsibilities.

There is really quite a lot to add to the bucket list. Let’s make a list of things you may wish to this festive season so you can have the most fun.

Let’s decide how to spend this time best.



Visit your relatives or have them over

Things to do this festive season

Meeting loved and dear is in the very essence of the festivities. It is the time to take some moments out to spend time with family and friends. It is also the time to meet people whom you may just not meet until the next season.

I know some of you may be making a sad moppy face sulking in a dark corner of the room being unable to visit your family. Just use video chatting. No one said you just have to be physically present it is more about being able to connect.

Explore your religious side

Things to do this festive season

This is the time you may feel closest to and most connected to your religion the most. How about exploring it a bit? You may feel really relaxed doing so or how about trying out the customs and traditions of other communities. It never hurts to explore and experience.


Things to do this festive season

Spending time on yourself might be just the thing you need. After all these days of hectic work, you finally get some time out how about thinking about your happy moments in past and making new goals for your future.


Things to do this festive season

What you thought I can only talk about value and bonding?

It’s the time to shop. Festive markets are overflowing with amazing products. Festive deals are just too amazing to muss. It’s is the festive season so indulging yourselves a bit and buying gifts for your loved and dear should be on your list. Also, be on the lookout for those amazing online discounts you can get.

Spend but just don’t go over the budget.

Having a special dinner and food.

Things to do this festive season

I mean come on I know half your excitement is for this. A special dinner is the only thing that can make this season extra special and in most houses, it’s a tradition in any case. Dinner is so good that you will be left remembering its taste till the next season.

Just who isn’t waiting for the amazing food and treats you get in this season. The season brings amazing food with it. If you have sweet tooth you are especially in for a delight.

Go out for a movie or chill with Netflix

Things to do this festive season

It is also the time a lot of movies are released. And quite a few high budget ones for that matter. So, why not check a few out. Movies are a great way to spend time with family. Why not check out one of the many new movies that will be out this season.

You might prefer spending some time alone with just Netflix and you so why not just do that.

Volunteer for help or Donate something to those in need

Things to do this festive season

Festivities are time to bring us closer, to bring people together and spread joy. This is the time we feel most connected to our families and relatives so how about sharing this joy with those going through tough time.

Improving your karma or just wanting to share happiness can be a great reason to donate or help in contributing to charity work. Blessings from people during this auspicious time is also another great reason you may want to help.

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