#5 Things to do this summer vacation

things to do this vacationsSummer vacations are finally here. Ice cream and lemonades are now back in season. Summer vacations are easily the best time of year. You finally get some quality time. So, much free time can often lead to a dilemma. What to do with these holidays?

Let me answer that for you:

Go travel this summer vacation:

With family or without family it simply is the best time to move around. Tourism and travel are amazing to gain new experiences and discover new possibilities. You can get go to beaches or hill stations to beat the heat. Some pilgrimage spot maybe to discover your inner spirituality and zen. Or even go hopping the globe to other countries to get a taste of foreign culture and cuisine.  Travelling with loved ones, family and kids to make memories worth gold.

Travel is absolute joy during vacations the industry is full set with attractive plans and offers. If you want to go discover places closer to you may be a car trip is the thing to do. Summer vacations are a time to enjoy and have fun. Relax and make memories. Use this time to its full potential.

Intern or Work as part-time for that extra cash:

If you need some extra pocket change this is the best opportunity. Most companies take students as interns during summer vacations. This is not only a wonderful way to get some money but also an amazing way to get some work experience. Believe work experience as an intern or even a part-time job can do wonder in your CV. The connections you make should not be forgotten either. Connections can be really handy when the push comes to shove.

Summer Holidays are the best time to take this up and build your portfolio for future job prospects while having fun.

Build a business of your own:

The most ambitious and worthwhile thing you can do this vacation is quite possibly building a business. It doesn’t need to be a multi-million dollar project though no one is stopping from trying even that. Time is at your side. Build a website or open a store. Start freelancing or simply do social media management for others. Opportunities are endless and the choice is yours. This summer vacation invest in yourself. I have a full article to

A side income is what most people target and understand the value of only when they are near their 30’s. Making a good side income early can benefit you enormously. It may even turn to your passion and be your main business. Go, for it if you are ready to take the challenge.

I have done a comparison between job and business if you are interested you can check it out.
Job vs business what suits you the best?

Build that healthy body that you always desired:

Everyone has an image of their ideal body shape. Don’t lie to me even you do. Just think about it for a sec. Now, is the time to turn that image to reality. Join a gym or start your own health routine. Make a group or join one of the health clubs.

Health is wealth is no statement to ignore. Some investment in health now will pay you dividends over time and also save you from a world of pain and misery. Health includes your overall fitness with mind and soul included.

Meditation is something not to oversee and I have an article just to guide you through that.

Live your hobbies this summer vacation:

Hobbies are not what gets your daily bread more likely than not. It is rather something that you enjoy. Possibly a creative vent to let your inner kid flow. Though the variety and nuances can be limitless. Reading, gaming, swimming quite possibly anything that you like. The great thing is that this is for your enjoyment but can quite easily turn into a business or passion in itself. Maybe you enjoy writing and start a blog with it. Or you are an expert at Ninjitsu and want to share that on the internet. Find love and follow that this summer vacation.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I enjoyed writing it. Please share and comment below to keep me motivated.

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  1. SheRa says:

    I love Live Your Hobbies This Summer! I have a lot of hobbies that I just keep putting off, this inspires me to go get them!

  2. Ewa says:

    I love all the ideas! I usually spend my vacations working. I need to spend it more on my hobbies 🙂

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