How To Stop Worrying So Much | Guide to stop overthinking


How To Stop Worrying and Start Working! (Quick Steps)

How to stop worrying and overthinking is a question that pops into our minds often. These are after all the lead cause of hypertension and reflect anxiety in one. They can make you feel devoid of time and keep you exhausted. The causes can be plenty worrying about job, future, money or life in some cases.

How To Stop Worrying So Much

Let’s see why we even think so much.

Thinking is just a natural mechanism for humans to solve the problems faced. Thinking turns to hyperdrive when we are at a tight spot which for all evolution purposes is justified say you are faced against a lion then you must think hard and worry or else you will lose your life. This is well and good but the problem arises if you start to worry and overthink without any dire circumstance for an elongated period.

Worrying is simply to think compulsively. To start creating circumstances for a situation and not addressing it.

Stop worrying Really it never helps. You might be thinking that’s easier said than done but let me give you concrete step for every case be it.

So, do you keep on thinking why I keep worrying about death or how to stop worrying about money maybe on how do I stop making my life easier by stopping to over think on the job?


While some general things to keep in mind are:

  • To have proper Sleep.
  • Use Meditation practice (I even have a guide to it).
  • Take a break between work hours.
  • Have proper exercise and fitness routine.
  • Use breathing exercise to calm yourself.

I will discuss how to stop overthinking in most common cases with almost 99.9%(yup, as good as your hand wash soap) certainty that you fall in one of these cases.

let me tell you all the negative effects of worrying and overthinking just so you why I am stressing so much to stop:-

Health issues are indeed linked to overthinking and worrying. But as of general these are tempory problems which you can overcome from though extreme cases exist.

  • Lack of confidence.
  • Stress.
  • Anxiety.
  • A headache.
  • Lethargy.
  • lack of concentration.
  • Hairfall.
  • Loss of time for work and family


How To Stop Worrying So Much

You worry about something that is in the near future

Do you worry about things like the assignment that you need to submit soon or those deadlines that hanging on the head or maybe that interview which will fetch you the job you need?

Feeling paralyzed by constraints and choices that follow can get you stressed and exhausted.

Do this

  • Stop the what if game:

This is the most common thing over thinkers and those who worry too much do. They just keep making hypothetical cases and their results. This really is worth worrying about itself.

Thinking what to do if this happens or what he/she will say if that happens is going to leave you burnt out before even starting out.

So, Really Stop!

  • Calm down:

The reason you feel so tired without even working is since you were making your cases and not putting in work. Stop your task and take a 5 min walk or shower in cold water. Clear your mind.


  • Done with a break, good now do this:
    • Think about the root cause of the problem (don’t get philosophical thinking I am ..(# Sob Face) think objectively.)
    • Now list all the solutions in 3 min and all that comes in your mind for possible solutions.
    • You must be having a list of solutions now if the list has only one solution well and fine do that. If there is more than one go for next step if none repeat this step.
    • Ok, so all you have to do now is cut the that is not feasible for you anything extreme or something that is a headache to follow through with.
    • You should be left with 2-5 (if one solution well and fine do that.) answers at most now select the middle one and do it. In case of even number of solutions do the lower mid.
  • Everything is decided and complete now just manage your time and follow through.

How To Stop Worrying So Much

You worry about the past:

Past can really chain a person down. Hard to deal with and sore to touch.

Time heals such problems the best in cases like this. Worrying and overthinking can lead to anxiety and depression so be active. In case you have encountered something which keeps your mind busy at all the times.

Do This: –

  • Get your self-busy

Engage in the hobbies you love or just have time spent with those close to you. Travel this is the best way to disconnect and discover yourself. This is going to keep your mind busy to make you think less on past and focus on your present.

  • Don’t scratch your wounds

The things that remind you of your past must be accepted and then forgotten. Carrying the burdens of past never really help. So just avoid stuff that makes you remember your sorrows and move on.

How To Stop Worrying So Much

Worrying about inevitable

Really, there is no need to worry about the inevitable. If you worry about something that is bound to happen then the only thing that you will achieve is get your self-stressed out. Be it death or that paper you can never.

What to do: –

  • Take a deep breath in and calm down.
  • Now, if it’s something like death accepts the fact that it’s a natural process and starts living instead of worrying
  • Occupy yourself in your hobbies and tasks of daily life and be busy

How To Stop Worrying So Much


You worry about the future:

That’s kind of a good thing. But too much of a good thing is as deadly as poison. Put time in thinking. Set your goals to manage time and get to grinding.

To do: –

Thinking will get you nothing really go for it and start working make those dreams true working dreams true working on it.

There is a thin line between being ambitious and daydreamer and knowing where you stand does wonder.

Start with small steps you have time to fail fall and revert.


To stop worrying and overthinking may feel a trait or second nature to you but you can really tackle it and change this. I have the first-hand experience(I am still trying to improve though).

I really hope this would help you.

Your insightful comments are appreciated.

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