SPY x FAMILY : Why is it a must read manga for 2020?

In this article of Manga Review, I will give my opinion on SPY x Family manga by Tatsuya Endo.

Even with hordes of amazing and some not so amazing manga coming out each season this particular manga is able to make its own place. Let me throw some light so you too can maybe, come to appreciate this hidden gem. A story with espionage, assassins and espers sets a mood for a thriller with really dark and heavy tone but on the contrary SPY x Family manages to be a light-hearted yet captivating story with all those characters.

Genres: Action, Comedy, Romance, Shounen

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Warning Light spoilers ahead.

The plot for Spy x Family:

As we start the chapter we are greeted with the lead characters of the story. A family of three. The first page itself hints at secrets that this family holds more on that later though.

Spy x Family is set in another world with inspiration from the times of west and east Germany during the information war. We meet our first protagonist right amidst the action in Westalia. Twilight who is an undercover agent, master of disguise is assigned a new mission. We follow him as he adopts his daughter and finds a wife to complete his mission code-named operation, Strix.

The Characters:

All three protagonist are likeable and have their own spark. Twilight who takes up the name Loid is our stereotypical spy being all calculative and focused but Endo san makes a point to highlight his human side making him feel quite likeable. Anya is the second protagonist and probably my favourite of the trio. She is an esper able to read the mind of people. This makes her realize the secrets of Loid and later her new mother Yor. Anya act as comic relief and the primary plot driver.

The best part of her character is that even though she is smart her character never leaves touch to reality. She acts like a kid making her relatable to a child. She is also the cutest thing in the manga making her moe actions melt your heart. The third lead is Yor who becomes the wife of Loid. She is an assassin who juggles trying to keep the secret from her new family (though, Anya already knows the truth.) and being an ideal mother/wife.


The pacing of the story at least till now (18 chapters out on the day of writing this) is just right. Not too many side stories and a straight path towards the end goal. What the manga also does remarkably well is to keep the comedy tight with occasional cute moments and tense plot lines. It makes normal tasks like a parent-teacher interview, getting a dog or going for a date really exciting. The story doesn’t have a lot of action scenes but a lot more plot-driven and comedic elements.

The art style is unique and feels good to eyes. It doesn’t feel like just any other manga. Artist makes it a point to highlight the character with their distinct eyes.

Overall the manga is a must-read for at least a couple of chapters and my bet is that it will be up to taste of quite a few of you.

Should you read Spy x Family?

A definite yes according to me.

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