Simple Tricks To Build Self-Confidence

Simple Tricks To Build Self-Confidence

In this guide to build self-confidence, I will tell you what it is, how it matters and how you can use it to your benefit.

Ok in human society confidence does seem to have a glow to it. I mean who doesn’t like a more confident person? Confidence seems to have a sort of mesmerising capability to it.

So, let’s discuss confidence:

What is self – confidence?

As per University of Queensland Australia,

Self-confidence is the belief in oneself and abilities, it describes an internal state made up of what we think and feel about ourselves.

So, we understand that self-confidence is our trust in our abilities but what we hear a lot often is self – confidence and self – esteem being used interchangeably so, what’s up with that?


What is the difference between self – esteem and self-confidence?

Simple Tricks To Build Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is not the same as self-esteem, which is an evaluation of one’s own worth

So, what that means is that self-confidence is the belief in one’s own abilities while self-esteem is how you value yourself.

Now, what is the point of having self-confidence I mean quite a lot of people lack confidence yet are able to go through life just fine?

Importance of confidence in one’s life:

Confidence is definitely a desirable trait as per Wikipedia:

People are more likely to choose leaders with greater self-confidence than those with less self-confidence.

Heterosexual men who exhibit greater self-confidence than other men are more likely to attract single and partnered women.

While it is true that you can go along with your life without this skill but it just makes it easier to interact with people if you have self-confidence right.

How to build self-confidence:

Simple Tricks To Build Self-Confidence

Noble and great. Courageous and determined. Faithful and fearless. That is who you are and who you have always been. And understanding it can change your life, because this knowledge carries a confidence that cannot be duplicated any other way.

Sheri L. Dew

(The guy in picture not her by the way[saying just in case])

Know your stuff: –

Simple Tricks To Build Self-Confidence

Since confidence is your belief in doing something the more you know the more confident you are. Say, you are asked to build a castle without knowing a dime about castle you just say absolutely I can then that’s not self-confidence that is what we call overconfidence. While I don’t want you to get confused with self – efficacy it really helps if you are a bit knowledgeable about the subject.

Be calm: –

Simple Tricks To Build Self-Confidence

Confidence doesn’t mean you are master of something it just means that you believe in your ability to perform. You need to be calm just in case you meet something that you just don’t know that well. Being calm and prudent reflects confidence in yourself and is seen as a positive behaviour.

There is a reason cam and collected detectives like Holmes and Bond appeal to so many.

Believe in yourself: –

Simple Tricks To Build Self-Confidence

Confidence is all about believing yourself. You should have faith in your abilities if you have worked on something hard enough you will be able to perform what so ever happens and that you need to trust. If you ever need a confidence test, then just does the thought I can’t or the thought that I will fail come up in your mind if it does then that means you are lacking confidence. Your belief in yourself can open opportunities for you that you never knew existed before.

 Don’t let negativity bother you:

Simple Tricks To Build Self-Confidence

You are the best judge of yourself.

People can be harsh sometimes and at times they may discourage you from doing something that you can do. This is since they have a different opinion or as wouldn’t like you to do the said task. In such cases listen to them they may just be saying that for your own good but if you are confident that you can succeed don’t succumb to their pressure.

 Don’t be afraid of working to gain experience:

Simple Tricks To Build Self-Confidence

Your experiences build up your confidence. If you have done something more than a few times, then you are more likely to believe in your abilities.

So, go out and take part in speeches in the community speaking competition if you are afraid of public speaking. Go and make a painting if you are not confident in your ability to paint as you gain experience you also gain the confidence to be able to perform.

Maintain a confident posture: –

Your posture can give a boost to your confidence and make you look and feel more confident. So, I would suggest that you learn power poses.

Power poses are nothing but assertive positions that can help you boost your confidence.

Don’t let failure take away from your confidence

Simple Tricks To Build Self-Confidence

Failure and success go hand in hand. You are bound to witness failure and it can take a toll on your confidence but you need to have the resolve to focus on failure and learning from it. If you start blaming yourself and not work on the reason for failure you will lose your newly gained confidence.

So, whenever you are in a tight spot stop and think of possible ways to deal with failure.

 Be humble: –

Simple Tricks To Build Self-Confidence

Humility and confidence should go hand in hand it takes very little effort to drown yourself in victory and reach the domain of arrogance. While it is good to take pride in your accomplishments you must never let it get the better of yourself. Arrogance destroys once impression and creates only trouble.

On the other hand, humility goes a long way.

Confidence vs Overconfidence

Simple Tricks To Build Self-Confidence

There is a line between confidence and overconfidence. While confidence boosts your risk-taking ability and makes it possible for you to give a positive impression. Overconfidence deteriorates your prudence and gets you a step closer to hitting yourself on your foot.

There is an easy way out of it though as humility. Just be humble and mindful of your journey and you will do well.

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