Things to do a day before your important exam

Let me start with a quote

You can’t have a million-dollar dream with a minimum-wage work ethic.

by – Stephen C. Hogan


The most anticipated D-Day is here. The pressure is high and everyone seems to be in a rush to revise. If by chance you have to appear any exams like JEE, Boards, CAT, UPSC, SAT for any other exam which needs considerable dedication you are in for another level of nervousness. People don’t rush rather go crazy and hysterical. Even people you have no clue will give you advice.

Preparation before your exams is warmup while it may not be what makes you win the game, it gives you an edge over the others.

Don’t worry though we will make you reading this article worthwhile. With the personal experience to back and no stone unturned, I will give you the best final exam study tips to keep in mind before your exams.

After a whole year’s worth of hard work, it all boils down to an exam. This is the time to do your best and perform to your fullest. Exams are the time we are stressed the most, after all, we have worked day in and out for this and here it is now.

There are cases where students study diligently but give in to pressure in the exams. Don’t worry these points will help you avoid any such situation.

Let me share some little tips and tricks to make your endeavour efficient and give you an edge that may turn the tables for you.

Keep a check of exam schedule:

Keep a copy of your schedule on your phone and check it a day before and on the day of exam before heading out. You messing up with the timetable is the worst thing that can happen on the day of the exam. Confusing one exam with other or getting date or time wrong are too serious of a consequence to bear.

Keep hall ticket, id card and essential stationery with you. If a watch is allowed don’t forget to take your wristwatch along with you.

Having concerns about such stuff is the last thing you should worry about on the day of the exam. Do all the packing preferably a night before and ask someone to remind you to take your stuff just in case you forget.

Have proper sleep before an exam:

Giving rest to your brain and body is important. If you go to the exam hall without proper rest you may end up messing your exam or sleeping midway. Going to exams without proper sleep is nothing less than a sin.

I would urge you to have a proper sleep at least on the day before your exam if not for the whole last week. Just skip studying too late into the night when you get near to an exam. I know it can be tempting to revise just a little bit more.

That means that study after midnight is a strict no-no for the final few days.

Don’t underestimate the power of sleep and take rest. With an important day coming up it only makes sense to be at your top-notch both mentally and physically.

Eat your breakfast:

Don’t miss out on your breakfast. Going empty stomach to exam hall is not a good idea at all. Don’t have anything heavy but do eat. Your body should be in peak form even if the exam has nothing physical to do.

You may feel that breakfast is unnecessary and skipping the breakfast won’t harm rather save some time for quick revision. It simply is not worth it to skip breakfast. Focus is the need of the hour and empty stomach doesn’t help by any means.

What to eat before exams?

This is a major concern for many. I would suggest something which fills you up but isn’t too heavy on your stomach. Go for fruits or something light but do not leave with an empty stomach.

Take a few candies just before the exam to get your blood pumping with sugar.

Last Minute Revision Tactics before important exams:

Revision is the one thing you will want to do before your exam. Don’t sit and start going through every word. What I would suggest is that you go through important formulas, dates or just name of authors. Revisit the important topics and glance over the rest.

Write down the stuff you feel is especially important. Making flashcards beforehand going through them might be an effective means to revise.

This is best done the night before and then in the morning before the exam. This would help you remember stuff at the time when it matters.

Believe in yourself:

Have some faith in your abilities. Being self-confident will help you a lot. Having a nervous break down before an exam will not help you. Don’t go discussing questions with friends right before your paper they may drag you into more nervousness. Eat a few sweets or sugary substance to get your blood pumping and sit confidently for the exam.

When it comes to exams it is important that you feel calm and don’t give in to pressure and believe in yourself. Best of luck to all those who shall appear for exams soon.

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