A Cheat Sheet to Pass Any Exam In Short Time | [Guide]

How To Pass Any Exam In Short Amount Of Time?

*(The less time you have more effort it requires).

I will focus more on those giving standardized tests as they need more time to prepare an are more difficult.

Exams are the very definition of necessary evil. They reflect your grades are indeed required and getting good grades can make your life easier are important to pass. While I don’t believe good marks are everything but they do make life whole lot easy.

But just in case you couldn’t study or slacked off this session then I have a near-perfect guide to help you more than just pass your exams. If you use this method, you are almost bound to pass any exam you face. I will be concise and save your time.

Don’t Panic

A Cheat Sheet to Pass Any Exam In Short Time | [Guide]

If you don’t have a clear mind, then studying will be a struggle. The need of the hour is that you calm your mind take a sip of water(or coffee) and follow this plan.

  • So, stop calm your mind.

 Don’t Waste any more time


A Cheat Sheet to Pass Any Exam In Short Time | [Guide]

Time is crucial you hardly have any. Don’t underestimate any subject. Devote more time to subjects that you that are easy to score in or you know are going to be hard to pass(These are your high priority subjects ). Passing a subject now will save you months if not the year. Do keep this in your mind.

Get distractions out:

No Facebook No Instagram.

Turn notifications off. Use the Pomodoro Technique. This will help you be concentrate at work effectively.

  • Cut distractions and turn notifications off.

Find a corner to study in

Find your space where you will be spending the remaining day. Get all the material you need as soon as possible and also a bottle of water maybe even some snacks no refills later during the study. Find a place where no friend can reach you. Take a place that is having good lighting and air flow.

  • Find a comfy place with good lighting where no distraction can reach you.

How to study

A Cheat Sheet to Pass Any Exam In Short Time | [Guide]

You may not like this or maybe not even believe in it but at the moment mugging (rote learning) is the way to go for you. With the time you have, it is essential that you focus on the topics important and topics that are easy. Don’t leave any topic that is an easy topic even if it is having fewer marks assigned. Don’t go for topics that are having high marks but are also very difficult(You don’t have time and these suck time).

Study to get more than 60% marks if the passing per cent is 30-35%. Why you ask because you will make mistakes in your paper.

  • Prefer mugging up topics than learning especially the important formulas ( I would never suggest mugging other than this exceptional case if you have around a week or more focus on learning concepts and ideas[ask a topper]).
  • Focus on an easy high mark  and easy low mark topic over hard high mark topics
  • Study more than needed to just pass any exam so there is less scope for mistake

Use class notes

A Cheat Sheet to Pass Any Exam In Short Time | [Guide]

Class notes are your best friend during this stressful time. They can make your life so much easier if you don’t have good notes get a copy from your friend who has good notes. If you can’t get a physical copy just take a picture on your mobile. Class notes use a simpler language easy to understand and have all the key points up front.

  • Get notes from friend preferably from someone who makes good notes.

Getting important questions

A Cheat Sheet to Pass Any Exam In Short Time | [Guide]

Getting important questions can be a game changer and even if one of those comes up then you will get 100% marks of that question taking you a step closer to your goal. Seek questions which were marked important by the teacher.

Check previous year questions as they have the good likelihood to be repeated.

  • Get questions which are important and have a chance of appearing in paper and use that to your advantage.

Studying at night and making the best of it

A Cheat Sheet to Pass Any Exam In Short Time | [Guide]

Night time can be a boon to you as it has fewer distractions. Many prefer studying at night and this can be used by them. I would recommend those who can’t study at night to just wake early and do last minute revision. Don’t overdo it such that you are unable to wake for the exam.

  • Never overexert yourself and keep your self-hydrated

Don’t leave any question even if you don’t have a clue

A Cheat Sheet to Pass Any Exam In Short Time | [Guide]

At the time of the exam if there are no negative marks then attempt all questions even if you don’t know a word because this will give an opportunity for grace marks. Grace marks can’t be given if you don’t have any material so don’t leave any question.

If the question is simply true and false and you don’t know the answer pick false it’s generally false if its descriptive type question.

In case of simple elaborate type question, repeat the question statement and then elaborate.

  • Don’t leave any question unanswered and use wits for simple questions.

This guide is for all those who did not or could not study and wish to just pass any exam not ace the exam. Hope you the best of luck for your exams.

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