50 New Year Resolution Ideas For 2020 || For A Fresh Start

50 New Year Resolution Ideas For 2019 || For A Fresh StartBy the end of this article, you will be having 50 New Year Resolution Ideas For 2020 to write in your personal success story.

The new year is just around the corner and mood for a happy new year is building up.

It’s a new decade, a new start and chance to restart. Let’s set our eyes on goals high. To be the best self we ever were.

Having a new start and a fresh beginning it makes perfect sense to also have fresh new goals to achieve for the new decade.

Let’s keep up with tradition and decide some goals for 2020.

You don’t need to ponder over what new year resolution idea to have. We are here with goals that possibly take everyone under consideration from new year resolutions for students to those who are well past the age of retirement.

As age is no bar to self-improvement.

Let me present you with 101 new year resolutions for 2020. Let’s dive right in:


50 New Year Resolution Ideas For 2019 || For A Fresh Start

1. Go out for a Run daily:

No crazy complicated stuff just plain old running whenever you feel like [best in the morning for me].

Health is wealth and going out for a run daily is the best and most cost-effective way to stay fit and feel refreshed. Running gives you a better mood and is also effective in de-stressing you.

If you have a buddy just have them tag along with you this also makes it more likely that you will follow along with your resolution.

2. Learn to Cook:

Knowing to cook is amongst the most important skill to have for an independent life. Just the sheer amount of money it saves and how it saves you from getting unhealthy and fat is worth the time and effort.

You can have your friends over and with due time even make food that tastes way better than that in any restaurant.

3. Learn to Play an Instrument:

Learning to play an instrument is definitely amongst the most rewarding hobbies. You not only get an interesting topic to talk and boast about but also get to enjoy the benefits that come along with it.

Like having a better memory learning perseverance. It is an amazing goal to have especially if you are younger than the age of 30.

4. Practice Meditation:

Meditation is a great way to calm your mind and get stress free. Research shows those who meditate regularly have a sharper mind and are happier in general. I have personally believed that meditation is the best way to de-stress and relax.

You are in luck I have a complete article – 4 step Guide for meditation just a click away

50 New Year Resolution Ideas For 2019 || For A Fresh Start5. Learn Yoga:

Yoga is an amazing way to stay fit and healthy without having to even move out of your house. If you do like to move out and practice it with friends, you can join classes or get together with a group in the garden. It is versatile and accommodates all.

With the popularity, yoga has gained do I even need to mention the benefits of learning yoga?

6. Change Your Look:

Time is changing and so is fashion how about trying out a new look and update your wardrobe. Investing in your look is actually worth your time as people do make an impression out of your look and a good first impression can really tip the scales to your favour.

It doesn’t need to be pricey just a simple haircut and minor changes in your wardrobe should suffice. Rock a new style and set the trend for this decade. A new style will inspire new confidence in you so go try it.

7. Read Books:

Books make a person and are gifts of wisdom. The amount of knowledge they have and keeping them sitting around is a waste of resource.

They haven’t lost their relevance in this day and age just because of the sheer amount of time being put into them. Think about it we have had internet for a few decades but books for a few centuries.

Reading books is a pretty common habit in the rich and successful and now you know the reason behind it.

8. Get Better at Time Management:

This is the skill that builds the foundation to each and every person seeking success in any domain of life investing in time management will boost your productivity and make it more likely for you to make big bucks.

It is also going to help you keep up with your other new year resolution.

Check out my time management guide for students

9. Learn a new language:

Having knowledge of multiple languages is an amazing skill not only it makes you able to interact with people from different cultures and backgrounds it also gives you a good excuse to make new friends explore a different culture and visit new places.

Bilingual also have higher IQ so if that’s a thing you are working on then you know what to do this new year.

50 New Year Resolution Ideas For 2019 || For A Fresh Start

10. Learn to Save:

Learning to save for future and being frugal should definitely be at the top of your this coming year. Just being wise and mindful about your spending will take you a long way.

11. Get Debt Free:

Guess who likes debt? No one. Getting out of debt might just be the right goal for you this new year.

12. Meet New People:

There are more than 7 billion people on this planet earth all with a story to tell and personality to explore how many have you met yet?

13. Get Out of your Comfort Zone:

Staying inside your comfort zone limits you greatly and keeps you away from taking up opportunities that can change your life. Not leaving your job when you are greatly underpaid or being in toxic relations just because its comfortable is harmful. So, how about having this as your new year’s resolution.

14. Understand how Money Works:

Money makes the world go round. Not knowing how is a real pain to deal with learning about how money impacts you is really basic but no school teaches it so how about learning it yourself.

  50 New Year Resolution Ideas For 2019 || For A Fresh Start

15. Start a Business:

Always wanted to start a new venture maybe this year is going to be the year that you were meant to begin your journey.

16. Get in a Healthy Shape:

Having a healthy and fit body is going to be the most sought-after new year’s resolution this year as well.

No surprises there. Who doesn’t want to stay fit? Again No one. Doing exercise daily and making a commitment to make healthy choices year-round is the key. The journey is difficult but worth it.

17. Develop a new Skill:

How about developing a new skill for the coming year not only will it be a new member in your skill tree but can also help you do better in your professional life.

Learning new technologies and skills helps you cope with the market and keeps your value high if not add to it. Remember that a good skill should look equally good on your resume to help you financially.

18. Make New Friends:

It never hurts to make some new connection and have more friends to enjoy.

19. Eat Healthily:

Healthy food = Healthy you. It’s that simple.

101 new year resolution ideas for 2019

20. Be Mindful:

Being in the moment makes life way more amazing. Mindfulness unlocks you from skipping over details to being able to make out the full story.

21. Improve your Self Confidence: 

Self Confidence is important in all stages of life. It puts you in a positive light in front of others and is definitely a skill you may want under your belt. I have a full article on How to rock that confident look.

22. Improve Concentration:

Concentration keeps you in the picture you don’t want to find yourself always distracted moving not forward but sideways.

23. Revisit your Hobbies:

Did you have some hobby you loved but later abandoned it how about revisiting it for a blast from the past?

24. Join an Online Course:

There is plenty of amazing new stuff to learn everything from astrophysics to knitting how about giving online courses a try?

101 new year resolution ideas for 201925. Make the 2nd Stream of Income a reality:

Having multiple streams of money saves you from being directly hit by the volatility of your job market. It also gives you power when the times are bad. There are various side gigs and businesses to choose from try exploring online.

Strive and move forward to achieve financial independence this year.

Don’t lose the steam you are halfway in new year resolution ideas for 2020.

26. Get an Educational Qualification:

Maybe it’s the right time to start a journey for a new educational qualification. Not only is it a chance to learn but also is a great add on to your resume.

27. Find time for Family:

Our families deserve our time and to devote some quality time to spend with them may be your call this year.

28. Explore your inner self:

Spending some time introspecting can really clear your mind and help position yourself better for the future.

29. Stop Procrastinating:

How about getting rid of procrastination from your habits. Procrastination helped me achieve my goals said no one.

101 new year resolution ideas for 201930. Wake Up Early: 

Having an early start will boost your productivity and make you have time to have a morning routine to make the best out of. I have an amazing resource on how to wake early in the morning.

31. Sleep at the same time:

Sleeping at the same time daily helps your body maintain its natural body clock called the circadian rhythm. Sleeping at the same time daily also gives you the benefit of not needing to have an alarm clock beside you daily.

32. Improve your social skills:

Being open to people and being able to strike a conversation does an amazing job in making you more likeable in the eyes of people your employer and close ones included.

33. Act on your Addictions:

Addictions no matter to what is detrimental instead of punishing yourself about it daily and regretting how about systematically working on it and getting rid of it this new year?

Making a resolution and working on it will free you from wasting your time on addiction.

34. Watch less Television:

Watching too much tv and being obsessed with some show or debate eats your precious time, moderation goes a long way.

50 New Year Resolution Ideas For 2019 || For A Fresh Start

35. Spend less On Impulse buy and things you don’t need:

Limiting yourself to things that you really need and not wasting money on an impulse buy not only helps you save a little but also allows you to spend and invest on something that you actually value.

36. Make a Morning Routine:

A morning routine is almost a staple in the lives of successful. There is a good reason why it makes your start streamlined and also makes it easier to complete a set of tasks completed early in the day and gives momentum to your day.

I have an article just on how to very easily make a morning routine.

37. Stay Sober:

Maybe this year you would want to hold back on your liquor a bit. Being a bit more controlled and letting free only when alone sometimes can make so much of a difference.

38. Control Your Emotions:

Having command over your emotions will make you able to make the best judgement especially when it really counts. Do you know whats one most noticeable thing about the doers? Its silence. The grind is real and it has no place for emotions.

39. Spend less time on Social Media:

Limiting the time you spend on social media might help you save some time that you can invest in other stuff. Less is more nowadays after all.

101 new year resolution ideas for 201940. Maintain a journal:

Having a record of how you spent your day makes planning a whole lot easier it also acts as a gateway to past.

41. Start Writing:

Maybe writing is the medium you would like to show your creative colours. With a lot of groups on social media, you don’t have to worry about finding an audience. You might even make some money out of it if your work is good.

42. Explore your Culture:

Exploring your culture and learning about it more might be something you would want to look forward this year.

43. Get Spiritual:

Okay maybe exploring your spiritual self is your call this year.

44. Learn to invest:

Having good investments early on makes your life a whole lot easier also who doesn’t want their money to grow. Guess who Mr No One.

101 new year resolution ideas for 201945. Try Understanding Stock Market:

There is a lot to make in the stock market but is a territory better not ventured with no knowledge or expert help. How about gaining some knowledge and setting your foot into that territory feared by many?

46. Take charge in Community Event:

Mingling with the community makes sense given that you live with them.

47. Move to a new place:

New place new opportunities and new challenges perfect for a new year what do you say?

48. Volunteer and give back to society:

You might want to give your contribution as a fellow human and work as a volunteer for some NGO or organization you believe in.

49. Travel and Explore the World:

Probably the best of new year resolution ideas for 2020 is to travel and find your inner self.

Travel is the best way to learn and gain knowledge. There is just so much to learn may this year you would want to travel to places you never went to before.

101 new year resolution ideas for 201950. Reduce your Carbon Footprint:

Climate change is a serious hurdle and contribution from everyone is required how about cutting down on your carbon footprint and being more eco-friendly. Planting a sapling may be a good start. Check here for other ideas.


I hope using this list you were able to find some resolutions that inspire you for this new year. Do leave a comment and share what is your resolution for this year?

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