Mushoku Tensei – Jobless Reincarnation not just another isekai.

Let me introduce you to a Mushoku Tensei a manga which just does everything isekai should remarkably well.

Mushoku Tensei – Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu

or Jobless Reincarnation

by authors Rifujin na Magonote, FUJIKAWA Yuka.

This manga is definitely on my favourite list. Let me just explain why so.

Mushoku Tensei is like any other isekai on the first glance. An ordinary mc dies and becomes op in another world we know this and have seen this quite a lot of times. This particular manga though does one thing better than any other. It makes character development its priority. A vibrant world amazing powers and unique problems are something that is added bonus but what is the main plot driver is the character development.

Plot for Manga Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation :

We are introduced to a 34-year-old shut-in otaku who is banished from his family for being utterly useless. He is fat, unattractive, virgin and broke. While contemplating his unfruitful life he gets a second chance thanks to Truck-kun (dies by truck accident). He opens his eyes a baby born into Greyrat family. Join him on his life journey as he makes his goal to live his life to fullest with no regret.


Rudues is a really likeable character who you can’t help but be rooting for. He is funny and witty but the best thing is him not being infallible. He gets depressed and weeps. Fails and gets heartbroken. You see everything from family problems to immense life-changing circumstances and how he handles them. Rudeus feels real with his action and that makes a whole world of difference compared to some other isekai. He is quite a pervert though with a big cast for his love interest. All side characters get some development and are not just blank cutouts to praise our MC. Each having their own journey and personality.

The story is pretty much an autobiography of Rudeus’s lifetime. How do I know that when the manga is only 58 chapters in at the time of reading it? I read the fandom.

There is no reinvention of the genre and it is as much of isekai themed manga as it gets but is amongst the arguably best ones. It is definitely worth a read.

This manga for Jobless Reincarnation has an anime scheduled for 2020 [preview] and has a completed LN/WN.

I have read quite a lot in the light novel and can say that it gives you better depth and feel of the story. It is more detailed and the way the author first wrote it. If you prefer Light novel you can get it here: Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation

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