The Morning Routine That Will Suit You [Complete Guide]

Your Morning Routine 101


Morning Routine (or morning ritual) is a great productivity tool. They allow you to make the best of your morning and complete the vital tasks first. Morning routines have an amazing quality and that is by its nature it is easy to be automated. That is it can be turned into habit and be done on autopilot mode without needing much thinking.

You define your morning ritual. Each one is unique and only suits the one who made the best. You can experiment and try a variety of combinations. Some tips to and tricks that can help you guide your way are:

Wake up Early

The Morning Routine That Will Suit You [Complete Guide]

You need time to follow a routine. Waking up early not only gives you time but also energizes you to conquer the day. Waking up early can be a much-needed help to boost your productivity. If you have difficulty in waking up early try my 6 step guide to wake up early.

Make a to-do list

The Morning Routine That Will Suit You [Complete Guide]

I suggest making a to-do list be the first thing in your morning after waking up it will help you be organized and be efficient. You can jot down all the important tasks that you wish to finish that day.

Automate by creating a habit

The Morning Routine That Will Suit You [Complete Guide]

Make your routine a habit. This will not require willpower and be like brushing your teeth. Doing work solely based on your willpower won’t help you in the long run. Habits can be a game changer. Use a tracker app on your mobile to track progress this will help you not stray away.

Link your tasks

The Morning Routine That Will Suit You [Complete Guide]

Wake up => Drink water =>Make to-do list => Do exercise => Take shower => Brush teeth => Check mails

An easy way to never forget what you have to do when is to associate tasks in hand with existing habits. Make a chain of events with some keys being existing habits like:

Waking up, brushing teeth being potentially your habits beforehand. This technique helps you not forget doing a task. Whenever you see a habit you will be reminded of the task linked to it.

Don’t quit

The Morning Routine That Will Suit You [Complete Guide]

In your morning routine, you can incorporate habits like meditation or maybe exercise just to get the day a healthier start.

Like all tasks which are worth an effort. Morning routine requires some initial work. You must try to be regular and even if you miss a day or two don’t worry and start the routine the next day onwards

These steps will definitely make your routine a time well spent and be the best beginning every single day.

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