Learning To Speak in English Made Easy

Learn to speak in englishIf you are not a native English speaker, then learning English can come out to be hard.

This guide is useful to anyone who wishes to learn to speak English or want another approach to learn this subject (This guide is not meant for professional educators but if they find something useful I will be delighted.)

What I wish to do is help you learn step by step this will be easy to follow and make steps clear. Practically speaking no one really needs to have the amazing vocabulary or be always spot on with grammar unless you wish to or are in a field which demands so. Being fluent and having a decent vocabulary with some confidence goes a long way.


So, in no particular order here are my tips to learn to speak in English.

Don’t stress over grammar

learn to speak in English

Do not put too much effort into learning English grammar. Many get stuck or too frozen in grammar to move forward. The result they give up.

I would not say that you should skip all of the English grammar. It is important to know the basics and know how the subject works. Yet, I would advise you not to make the task too complicated (difficult) by going very deep in grammar. Your goal is to learn to communicate in (speak) English comfortably and not to be the guru.

Using Elementary Grade Books

learn to speak in English

I would suggest starting to read books meant for teaching children as they are simple to understand and reading them out loud.

Go for story books with pictures for an elementary grade then move to some more textual books. They are really easy and are meant to help learn from the basics. They are really easy to start with and even more easy to find.

Do not be ashamed or feel shy (read in your own room if you really can’t let others see.). It is a part of learning and there is nothing to be ashamed about it. Most people who learn a foreign language do pick up elementary grade books to learn.


learn to speak in English

Reading is going to help you a lot. You can read whatever you like blogs, books, newspaper, novels even comics it’s fine. You can use the power of the internet and social media to help you if you want. Though be careful not to be carried away (get distracted) from your goal.

I would suggest searching any topic you like on Quora or finding any personal blog you like and just reading through them. They are in casual (spoken) English and are easier to understand. If you need more enriched or professional vocabulary, then go for reputed news sites and read their articles or pick up their newspaper. This especially well if preparing out for competition.

Listen: –

learn to speak in English

It is very important that you are able to understand (follow) what is being said to you. If you can speak but not get what the others are saying, then it’s a wasted effort. It is easier to learn when listening for some people.

Try English cartoon meant to teach English to kids if you are fine with basics go for English movies with subtitles.

Note-If you have trouble going through foreign accent then go to YouTube and look for the channel which has English subtitles and narration of your nation. (Tip – go for English news channel of your nation).

Talk to your friends: –

learn to speak in English

Talk to your friends. Learning through communicating is the way to go for learning any new language. Don’t mind anyone trying to discourage you. Find friends with the same goal (Joining classes or using the app can get you to a community with a similar goal).

Another note – If you want a way which forces you to learn and is almost foolproof then make a friend who is unable to speak in your native language and can only communicate using English with you.

Talk to yourself

learn to speak in English

It seems weird but it works. Get a mirror to sit in front of it and start talking to yourself. This will help you analyse yourself. Even pro boxers use similar learning method known as shadow boxing so it isn’t as bad of an idea as one may think.

This may feel awkward in the beginning but it works.

Think in English

learn to speak in English

A common practice by many students is to think first in English and then trying to translate it in English. This will create a visible delay (lag) in your speaking. This is because your native language may have a different grammar structure than English.

I recommend trying to directly think in English this will make you fluent and also help you concentrate on speaking rather than translating.

Get Help

learn to speak in English

Joining some study group or classes can help you improve your skills and also get people to help you and encourage you. This can help you improve leaps and bounds. If you can’t afford, don’t have the time or find it difficult to attend any classes.

Then you should get one of the apps or subscribe to free YouTube channels. There are plenty of free and quality resources available on the internet.

Correlate words with your native language.

learn to speak in English


Building a relation in your mind between the words for an object and the same object in English can help you memorize and recollect words faster. Building links can be helpful at the start till you don’t start to completely start to rely on them.

Be Consistent

learn to speak in English

Like any other skill learning to speak in English takes time and dedication. If you consistently put in time and effort you are bound to find success. It is true that the time taken to learn the language can vary with individuals but it is bound to happen if you keep working.

Don’t give up if you miss a day or two get right back from where you left and keep on the journey.

Don’t create unrealistic goals

learn to speak in English

Have goals but don’t think that in a week or so you will be talking like a news anchor or become a famous orator. Just keep in mind that everything that is worth doing takes time and patience. Put your feet one after the other taking small steps.

With time you will improve and will be better then you were in the past so stick to goals that are achievable and give you the motivation to press on.

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