Job Or Business Which Is Best For You [Guide]


Job Or Business Which Is Best For You [Guide]Okay, to take a job or business is something which has a lot of people in dilemma. With the craze of startups and rat race for jobs, one may feel a business is a way to go. Or on another hand with booming tech industries and massive fortune 500 companies, one may prefer the comfort of a job. Though there is nothing inherently wrong with these ideas but as the saying goes that for most it’s just “the grass is greener on the other side.”

I intend not to demotivate you or confuse you but rather on the flipside I wish to help you choose one of them. Any job or business can be a good option depending on various factor and the most important factor: what you like.

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Let’s analyze both business and job market:


Job Or Business Which Is Best For You

Business is to work for yourself. It has sides to it which can be as sweet as nectar to a bee. A life in which the only person you are accountable to is yourself. No restraints. Ideally, you can party all day if you want who can stop you after all? You get the freedom which everyone in a job desires and potential chance to earn millions or billions. Maybe you get to live a life of limelight or travel the whole world. Not that it’s not possible with a job it’s just easier to do so in business.

Let’s look at positives to business:

  • You can work from where you want and what you want.
  • A businessman doesn’t have to work with those whom he doesn’t want to work with.
  • He can get more public acknowledgement and your work makes a larger impact.
  • Only a businessman can be the richest. (Think about it if you are not at the top how can you earn the most?)

Let’s look at the negatives to business:

  • Businessmen can’t blame anyone else all that goes wrong is their headache to deal with.
  • He can possibly go absolutely broke and have almost no options to bounce back.
  • They don’t get a steady income so it’s easy to mismanage.
  • The dedication needed is enormous nobody is going to keep a check on you other than you yourself.

While some aspects of business look fun like assigning yourself position of managing director or CEO or may be making a logo but being frank they are only fun and not as important as actually putting work in. You will have to work day in and out daily, possibly even on Sundays and maybe spend sleepless nights to just complete your work.

Most only stay fantasizing and never really put in the work. 90% of all who think they wish to do business never even start.

JOB: –

Job Or Business Which Is Best For You

Taking a job is essentially selling your skill and time for monetary gains.

A life as a part of the workforce gets you a stable income with lesser hiccups. If the company shuts down, you may have to look for a new job but at least you haven’t gone out of options you can still move to another company and enjoy about same living.

If you have even a decent job your life won’t be as hectic as a businessman and you get to enjoy the incentives provided by your company.

Positives for taking a job: –

  • Fixed predictable income.
  • Job safety(against that of a businessman) and stability.
  • Better working hours.
  • Facilities provided by the company.

Negatives for taking a jo: –

  • An employee can never earn as much as a top businessman.
  • He may have to deal with boss and office politics.
  • They may have to work with people they don’t like.
  • He may be forced to do work that he doesn’t like.

So, where do we stand?

Job Or Business Which Is Best For You

See doing a business or job is up to one’s comfort and circumstances. Both job and business are good options but I would like to propose a middle ground which can provide you with lots of benefits for both side and decrease negatives associated with both the sides.

Make a side business or passive income source along with a job. Let me tell you as simple as it may sound it is tricky, to say the least.

The biggest negative will be the lack of time to build the income source. But you can address it by starting early as a passive business would require less time once fully established. Even after this, you will have less time than others (business require some maintenance)but your positives will simply outweigh the negatives.

This is just my interpretation and you need not agree to part or all of it.

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