Beginners Guide To Meditation: Key to de-stress| Only 4 Steps

Beginners Guide To Meditation : Key to de-stress | Only 4 Steps

This Beginners Guide To Meditation aims to make meditation no more cumbersome.

Meditation is an amazing way to calm your mind and get stress free. Research shows those who meditate regularly have a sharper mind and are happier in general. I have personally believed that meditation is the best way to de-stress.

There do seem to be some misconceptions with meditation. Most common being that it has to an hour-long session with a focus on nothingness. No thoughts but a completely blank mind.

If you strive for that you will possibly never meditate again thinking its only for monks and hermits in forests or hilltops.

Meditation doesn’t need to be an hour-long session in which all you do is keep getting distracted and finally give up. Meditation should be simple to approach and highlight of your day. An opportunity to relax.

I just can’t stop mentioning how much meditation can help one find peace in a hectic life. Also, it’s amongst the top habits of successful and rich.

Meditation is about exploring yourself and concentrating on one single idea (anything really just try not to waver from it). Meditation revitalises and energises. It takes a little effort initially but so does everything that is worth doing. Isn’t that true?

What to expect from meditation for beginners.

Guide To Meditation : Key to de-stress | Only 4 Steps

Before anything else I wish to clarify what you should expect to do while meditating. Going in with the expectation of conquering mountains when you barely know to walk is stupid. 

You will not be able to sit 15 mins long session from the 1st day in. There may also be a case where you meditate a day or so and then just skip for days or abandon altogether. Realistically speaking you will do this and the best thing to do is get back to meditation, without punishing yourself.

Being mindful is the key to mindfulness and meditation. Incorporating mindfulness in life is totally worth every cent.

Don’t worry though meditating isn’t really hard at least the way I will tell you definitely isn’t.

An amazing Set up for an Amazing session.

Guide To Meditation : Key to de-stress | Only 4 Steps

While set up is not everything it does make your life comfortable and sets that calm relaxing mood in.

  • A calm atmosphere is needed though absolute silence is not necessary
  • Open your windows and let fresh air come in. Don’t meditate in a stuffy place. 
  • Try doing it in the garden or on the terrace. Going to beaches and hiking spots occasionally can be wonderful.
  • Ambient lite music or perfumes can be used but don’t create a sensory overload (skip if lazy).

Best time to meditate?

Guide To Meditation : Key to de-stress | Only 4 Steps

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to timing it can be according to your comfort still my observations  are that:

  • Near dusk or dawn is the best time to meditate. Though meditation is good all the time it just relaxes the most then.
  • Start slowly with just a 2-5 min sitting which you may want to increase to 15 min gradually. (Don’t quit though). Frankly speaking, even 5 min daily session should be more than enough.

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Step by step guide of meditation.

Guide To Meditation : Key to de-stress | Only 4 Steps

Let me give you the exact steps to follow. Tried and tested. 

  • Sit down on earth with your legs crossed(if you have some medical issue you can always sit up straight on a chair).
  • Make an okay sign on both your hands by touching your index finger to the tip of your fingertips(touch don’t press. There are other positions as well but let’s stay basic). If you prefer you can even make loose fists.
  • Now keep your wrists on your knees. (palm upwards).
  • Close your eyes and focus on any one sound or your breathing.
  • The aim is not to achieve an empty mind but a focused one.  Think of any one single entity and try not to let thoughts waver. Imagine for instance a lamp of light 3 feet away with your eyes closed and try to maintain that image. 
  • If you find it difficult, then make Om sound or hymn (hmm sound) for as long as you can in a breath and concentrate on it. Repeat this for 5 min. 
  • If you need an even simpler way out just switch on your fan and focus on its sound keeping your focus on that.
  • A breezy beach with sounds of the ocean might be the thing made for you if you have a beach nearby.

There you have it a simple 5 min session for daily relaxation. Practice daily with some time you will discover the joy in meditation.

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