Government vs Private job | What will be best pick for you?

Government vs Private job a thought most have had in there mind at some stage of life. Even if you are already on a set path one does get curious to know about the other path. What we will do here is compare the positives and negatives of both to come up with the best choice for you.

Government job and private jobs both have pros and cons associated with them. Both are amazing places to be in and contribute.

Before I begin:-

What is a government job and a private job?

Govt. job are positions in public or government-owned companies or services.

While private jobs are positions in privately owned or self-owned companies or services

You may also like to know which is better for you between job and business.

So let’s take a closer look at both: –

Ease of getting a job

Government vs Private jobs | What will be best pick for you?

Getting a job has never been easy and in both fields, there is immense competition. But if we see the level of competition govt. jobs definitely out weight private jobs.

One can say that a huge no. of graduates of IIT or IIM go for private jobs and both those exams are no joke which is true. But it is also true that a large no. of them will also apply for govt. jobs especially civil services thus we will neglect this factor.

So, GOVT – 1                    PRIVATE – 0


Government vs Private jobs | What will be best pick for you?

If we compare the initial pay of govt. and private jobs govt. jobs win after 7th pay commission (they are generally comparable or more than their private counterparts though exceptions arise) but if an effort is put in the private job, one can easily outrun the salary given in govt. job.

Private jobs earn way more than govt. job in a long run.

So, GOVT – 1                  PRIVATE – 1

Technologies used

Government vs Private jobs | What will be best pick for you?

Technologies used in govt.  jobs are, as of general outdated and at times antiquated. Private jobs commonly use bleeding edge technologies for greater efficiency and to save money on maintenance. You get the chance to use those technologies provided to you and also get to learn to utilize them.

So, GOVT – 1              PRIVATE – 2

Incentives and facilities given

Government vs Private jobs | What will be best pick for you?

In Govt. job you can be sure that you will get amazing facilities which include but are not exclusive to lots of paid holidays, pension, house rent/quarters, maid allowance, transfer allowance and so on. While in private job we do have some incentives given by the companies and they are quite decent in huge MNC’s but they come nowhere close to a government job. Govt. jobs hold upper-hand in incentives and privileges.

So, GOVT – 2            PRIVATE – 2

The battle between Government vs Private job has started to now heat up.

Working hours and work pressure

Government vs Private jobs | What will be best pick for you?

If you have a job in a private company, then you should understand that there are cut-throat working schedules most of the time. Some big software companies indeed give you flexible and a bit relaxed working hours but none comes close to govt. job. I admit at higher ranks gone are the days where their amazing work hours but still govt. employees enjoy better work schedule than their private counterparts generally 9-5 job. This leaves you ample time to relax or indulge in hobbies. Also, the work pressure at government job is said to be lower compared to that in private job but it’s kind of debatable at higher positions

So, GOVT – 3                PRIVATE – 2


Government vs Private jobs | What will be best pick for you?

Promotions are subjective and depend on quite a few factors but in govt. jobs employees get promotions based on seniority (Civil services and Engineering services) which can be a boon or a bane. This is on the other hand in the private job is not the case. Getting a promotion is faster (if you have merit) and has enormous incentives in private jobs and if you don’t get the rewards you desire you can just jump to other company for opportunities.

So, GOVT – 3            PRIVATE –  3

Career Opportunities.

If you have merit private companies won’t shy away from incentivizing. Private jobs open a plethora of opportunities and you are not bound to your company. Unlike govt. job where everything goes by built-in process whether you like it or not. Private jobs encourage creativity and provide a stage for the same.

So, GOVT – 3         PRIVATE –  4

Job Security

Government vs Private jobs | What will be best pick for you?

You knew this will be on the list. Well, there is little to say here govt. jobs win in this department. I would like to note that this can act against them if they wish to change the job and if you are good at your job in a private company you won’t have to worry much. But since getting laid off or having to change job without another job in and is nerve wrecking experience. The point goes to govt. job for ensuring job stability.

So, GOVT – 4                  PRIVATE –  4


Government vs Private jobs | What will be best pick for you?

This truly depends on you.

If you dislike living to smaller cities or maybe even rural parts of India (You will probably have to do this if you are in civil services or defence). But if you like to visit new places may be metropolis or remotest places then you may enjoy life at govt. job also at higher positions you as of general get tier 1 or tier 2 cities. Chances of getting international posting are very low unless you are an IFS.

In private jobs, you will be one deciding where to live as you get to choose your job. Your likelihood of being transferred is less and even if you are you will be posted to some other tier 1 or tier 2 city. Getting an international shift is possible and easier.

So, GOVT – 4 + 1*                  PRIVATE –  4 + 1*

Job satisfaction

Government vs Private jobs | What will be best pick for you?

It totally depends on you

Govt. job: You work for the people and are an integral part of mechanics of government of body however big or small role you have. Your life is smooth and is predictable so you don’t live in uncertainty.

Private job: The changes you make are visible and you are acknowledged for them your aspirations can be met and you are in more control of your life.

So, GOVT – 4 + 1* +1*          PRIVATE –  4 + 1* +1*

The debate b/w Government vs Private job finally comes to an end with this. Your answers lie with your wishes and circumstances both are good career choices and both have a lot of people investing time in them if you work hard both can get you a good life all you must have is determination.

Do keep in mind this is my interpretation and you are free to disagree also this has a fair amount of generalisation involved.

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    For its more benefial to work in a private company. It is less strefull and less crowded

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