Dealing with homework deadline || Never miss a deadline again

I don’t who said this but was absolutely right in saying

If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get where you’ve always got.

Dealing with homework deadline || Never miss a deadline again Now, this is something not new to us. I mean who doesn’t know the fear of losing out on the submission date especially if it carries marks that reflect on your grades.

But we all also know how hard is it to actually get to start working on homework. Even if we do start it doesn’t take long to find a way to get yourself out of this hell of a task and into something more interesting say checking out the Instagram account.

Only to find yourself too close to the deadline and getting into a rush (god save me mode) to end up with a so-so assignment or just missing out on it. altogether.

How to stop this from happening?

I am here to discuss just that.

So, witout any further ado let me present with you the definitive guide to never miss any homework due date.

Don’t live in the I have a lot of time phase.

This is the biggest blunder people make they overvalue the time they have in their hand. Guys (and girls and everyone else yes, even cats and dogs if they can read this post) this is nothing other than lying to yourself things do pop up in reality and most likely they will.

Understand this and put a consistent effort from the very beginning this will not only help you get an edge over those who start late and end up with mediocre work. It also saves you time to bounce back in-case you mess up.

So, start from day 1.

Never start without a plan.

Okay, you reached day 1 and are ready to go but you have no plan to go ahead with, your assignment may be enormous or minuscule but you do need a course of action to follow.

What I suggest you do is to create a plan of action and write it down its fine if it isn’t the best plan in the world you just need an idea of the work in your mind. At the very least it will tell you what to expect as you progress and will help you have that preliminary image in your mind.

Don’t skip but take breaks.

The plan is made but I feel lazy, I want to procrastinate, a day off the work won’t hurt (That’s what your mind says).

There is a difference between legitimately needing a break and slacking off and that can be judged easily by yourself. If you feel enormous guilt whenever you try to skip on work you were doing previously you are more likely than not just slacking off and working to your potential.

Do this instead of work for a specified amount of time say 45mins (This is what I do) then take a 15 mins break and repeat. During breaks stand up and move around a little.

You can though take a longer break if you feel tired at any time but just do keep in mind this should be occasional and should not be overdone.

Use the Internet don’t let it use you


Take help of the internet but don’t drift away (You are not a log in the ocean of enjoyment).

It can be tempting to pick up your phone or open a tab during the time you do research and end up losing time. You may think it won’t hurt to just check your timeline for a minute but when a moment later you check time 2 hours would have had passed with you looking at fat babies and cat photos.

I recommend that you use either an app or set a timer whenever you use social media.

I know that social media has become a part of life and I won’t strip you away from that world but would ask you to limit it extensively at least until you are done with your work.

Track your progress

This is the most crucial point when it comes to not having to fight with due dates. Tracking your progress can be quite rewarding if you stick to working on the task. The problem with tracking it is boring initially and can get you demotivated (truth can be shocking). But once you get the hang of it you understand that tracking your progress allows you to meet with unexpected events keep buffer time and also manage breaks.

Tracking progress has become easy day by day just use any calendar or habit tracking app. If you like it, you can even use a physical diary just remember to set a reminder for the initial few days.

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