Choosing A Career Path | A Meticulous Guide

Which career path is right for me? Life is about choices that we make and the paths we follow. When it comes to career it is essential that you keep in mind the impact your choices can make. Though even the thought of making a career decision can be intimidating it doesn’t have to be so.

Relax a bit, and think with an open mind no need to rush and don’t be scared, life gives ample of opportunities all you have to do is grab one. You have to succeed in making a great choice only once so don’t worry about how many times you fail.

I can make your self-introspection simple and straightforward just keep these points in your mind when making any career decision in life.

Am I interested in following this path as a profession?

Choosing A Career Path | A Meticulous Guide

You will be spending thousands of hours or maybe even the rest of your whole life working in this profession. So, it is important that you like this profession I suggest you get your hands dirty to check it if you are able to work on the project without a constant urge to leave it for good after 3 days you are good to go.

If you aren’t passionate yet, then don’t worry you just mustn’t dislike the task I believe to become passionate about something all you need is to invest time in something that you like. It’s always better to choose something you are interested in but are not yet passionate about than something you dislike.

Is it lucrative (Does it make me money)?

Choosing A Career Path | A Meticulous Guide

Money is not everything in life I agree but it can get you close to getting almost everything. Thinking that if I don’t earn well it doesn’t matter as long as I am happy is not the best idea you can earn well and be happy both at the same time.

You should absolutely see if the money you will get is enough to make you live a comfortable life or at least have your ends meet. If you are doing working on something which doesn’t pay well then just open look at other options like a part-time job or maybe a side business.

Zeroes to heroes are rare they just feel common as those who remain zeroes aren’t celebrated. So, I would suggest you consider this point well.

Am I comfortable with where my career path takes me?

Choosing A Career Path | A Meticulous Guide

Your career can lead you to new places and make you meet new people open avenues you never knew existed. it’s exciting, isn’t it? Well, one should be excited and make the best use of it but also consider what to expect. If you live in a joint family or get a job where you can’t take your family to say on an oil rig or in the army are you comfortable with it?

Also, have these questions in mind: Do wish live close to your current house or would you like to relocate to a new place for better opportunities? This point may be minute to some and drastic to others.

What are the future opportunities?

Choosing A Career Path | A Meticulous Guide

You don’t see many coachmen (those who drive horse carts around) nowadays. The other side of the coin is that you indeed noticed how much those who initially invested in bitcoins gained.

Trying to be a bit perceptive of future can go a long way. It is given that neither you nor I am an Oracle and can’t truly tell about future. But if we try to look for opportunities that our careers present and make the best of it then we can expect to get an edge over others.

Though you don’t need to worry too much as those who changes are slow and continuous and those who are experts are always in demand.

Does my work create any value?

Choosing A Career Path | A Meticulous Guide

Well, it’s becoming more and more concern for people especially those who wish to leave a mark. Working on something for which you contribute your time and effort but still make little to no noticeable change can be frustrating.

This is especially common working for a large conglomerate.

If you are amongst those who wish to gain some recognition from people, then you should consider thinking about this point. The possible solution can be working in a smaller lesser known company with potential or to rely on self and create a business of your very own.

Does it leave me with time?

Any career path needs devoted work to be put in it but if it sucks up all your time leaving you stressed out without time for yourself and family or leaving you with poor health you should definitely consider your options.

Maybe a less paying but less time intensive job leaves you with more time for yourself and family. Maybe a job which gets you a bit less for your position gives you time to devote to your business in incubation or your side project.

Take away:

Importance and sequence of these points depend on your priorities. There can be a case where you just don’t care about where your job takes you but really care about the impact it leaves. You should also note that you always get chances in life and can always switch paths. Life has no dead ends.

I hope that these points will help you make your decision easier and will lead you to the most fulfilling option.

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  1. I wish I had more time to consider a career path. It is alot harder o start a new when you re older but it is possible!

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