How To Ace CBSE Board Exams For 12th Grade Students?

Your Guide To Ace CBSE Board Exams



Class 12th CBSE Board exams are the time when even strangers start to show immense interest in your studies.

The pressure builds up and the stress can be nerve wrecking. At this time what is needed is a simple but doable plan to get more than 90% aggregate.

I am going to share with you a simple guide which gives you the concrete way to ace your board exams. Even a below average student can get good marks. Though a few points may look obvious. But there are points that students overlook and need to be kept at the back of mind. A little bit of dedication will take you a long way. Believe in yourself and the process while the journey seems arduous it is simple and easy to conquer.


Attend Your Classes


How To Ace Board Exams For 12th Grade Students?

Attend your classes and this is may seem simple or basic. But seriously so many of you just don’t really go to classes and even if you do are present for the namesake. I will advise to go to class and attend the classes even if you feel they are not worth going. Skip the revision classes in the final few days of the course or the doubt classes unless you seriously need revision or have unanswered doubts.

  • Go to class daily and don’t miss a day.
  • Make notes and keep them complete having incomplete notes is the last thing you want.
  • Teachers give tips and tricks to note them they will come in handy.
  • Don’t underestimate standard books (NCERT).

Focus on your weak subjects

How To Ace Board Exams For 12th Grade Students?

Be focused and deal with your weak subject. I know it sounds like a pain in the back to put the effort into something you are bad at but it is absolutely necessary if you wish to score well that you work on them. Every mark counts when it comes to making a good percentage.

  • Be sincere with the subject as it is likely that since you are weak you neglect the subject.
  • Create cheat sheets for the subject to help to learn.
  • Create quizzes and feel free to ask your friends and mentor help.

How to tackle subjects

How To Ace Board Exams For 12th Grade Students?

Each subject is different and requires a slightly different approach.

  • Computer: –
    • Practically run a few programs on pc to understand and practice logic creation.
    • Keep note of theory and remember to mention example wherever possible
  • Literature: –
    • Be on point and elaborate on
    • Provide appropriate reasoning in the answer.
    • Don’t exceed word limit keep your answers short (don’t make it shorter than 3/4th of word limit to be safe)
    • Use simple language
  • Science (Excluding Math): –
    • Be precise and short.
    • Mention the keywords.
    • Explain with reasons.
    • Add a diagram or example whenever possible.
    • Learn proofs and derivation by heart for physics.


  • Math: –
    • It is a mechanical subject which is learnt through practice there is no other way.
    • Practice regularly a few questions.
    • Avoid silly mistakes.
    • It is easy to score if you have enough practice and equally easy to lose marks if you lack practice.

 Use chapter-wise previous year questions: –

How To Ace Board Exams For 12th Grade Students?

As the chapters in class get completed go through previous year question paper book and complete the chapter. If you don’t wish to buy, then get an older book (not more than 4-5 years) issued by the library. There is a high possibility that questions will be repeated.

  • Do the questions of previous year question paper alongside question from a standard textbook?
  • You should leave the complete question papers for the final month of preparation.
  • These books also have formulas on them and can be used as a refresher.

Presentation Matters: –

How To Ace Board Exams For 12th Grade Students?

Yes, it really does but if you don’t have the best handwriting don’t worry. What examiners look for is a well-structured answer sheet which is easy to go through fast. They have piles of papers to check you don’t want them to get irritated on your paper just for not making few margins.

  • Make margins
  • Highlight key points or underline the main answer statement.
  • Draw line after each answer.
  • Make answers short and sweet never exceed word limits.

Bonus Point: –

How To Ace Board Exams For 12th Grade Students?

Let me give you a bonus tip for reading this post so long. This one rarely ever anyone mentions.

Be Healthy: –

How To Ace Board Exams For 12th Grade Students?

Don’t fall sick. The last thing you want is falling sick after putting in so much effort. Also being healthy will keep your head calm during this stressful year.

  • Sleep and wake up daily at the same time.
  • Eat healthily and stay hydrated.
  • Go outside and play till last month 2 months at the very least.
  • Exercise or do yoga.

CBSE board exams are easy, we make them difficult overthinking. Relax you have this perfect guide to your help. Just follow all the steps to ace the exam.

Best of luck!

How To Ace Board Exams For 12th Grade Students?

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