The best investment – In your Life which you will ever make.

By the time you get out of college, you would have heard this “Best Investment you will ever make” a million times and if you are from a business school investment should not be anything new to you. You get routinely reminded that it is the best time to start and get volleyed with gazillions of options.  Stocks bonds and what not. This “best investment” guide aims to take a different approach.

I would like to give my 2 cents here but fret not I won’t recommend you another stock with the potential to make you rich in a day. But I will give the secret to every successful person ever to set foot on earth.

The best investment you can ever make is to invest in yourself.

Skills you have and make along your life are what define you. The reason people are willing to put their children into the education system from a very young age is to develop the basic skill set to build on. Nowadays to have a stable career and income even for mere opportunity education is seen to be worth it.

Now, one can argue over how good of a work our schools and colleges do in getting us capable and ready for the job market. But that is a different story altogether.
What I today want you to leave knowing is that some of the best investments you will ever make will be upgrading your skillset.

Skills are tools ready to be used the more you use the less likely for them to get rusty. Though all skills are not made equal. Skills like good communication and management skill. Or a niche skill like say Machine Learning offers way more than being good at juggling. What I would like to bring to your attention is that if you harness any skill well enough to stand out from the rest it would pay off.

just an example:

If a Juggler stands out then as an entertainer he has a lot of potential to earn big bucks. Skills can be used in creative ways to get better results. People even make money by keeping themselves fit and telling you how to do the same at least gym trainers do.
You must remember that your success is not derived from only money. There are also other factors like satisfaction. Being good gives you the chance to do what you like without having to worry about a roof over your head.
The question now arises that how does one get these skills. It is pretty unlikely you are a natural born talent, waiting to get sighted and brought to notice of people. Even if you are one if you don’t use your skill enough. Then you will quite likely not be able to compete with those work regularly to get themselves at the top of their games.

The best investment strategy for which you will later thank me:

Reading books and watching videos:-

Books can be really amazing when you wish to learn something. Books being a convenient and conventional source of knowledge make the first choice. They have been present for a long time. So long that they are they also most define the word ubiquitous. That is good enough of a reason to believe that you will get a book for your desired skill set. 
With internet video services like youtube around for well over a decade now. It is now easy to get a wide array of videos giving you in-depth instruction on how to do stuff. You have MOOC (Massive Online Open Courses ) from platforms like edx, coursera, and others. Even reputed colleges have programs like MIT Open CourseWare to your aid for free.

Getting a mentor can be one of your best investments ever:-

Nothing beats having some one to one coaching. You can get insights and instructions adjusted for you. A good mentor can drastically decrease your workload and save you tons of time. Having someone to assist you not only ensures you actually strive to reach your goal. It even gets you the assurance that you can indeed do it. As an added benefit you are less likely to quit.

Learning perseverance ( Learning to get a job done.):-

Most of those who fail never really start in the fear of failing. Proficiency should not be your major concern but actually making progress should be. Making progress as much and as fast as you can during the initial learning journey motivates you and makes the job a lot easier.
Inertia is the reason a ball tries to resist motion but it also the reason a ball resists to stop once it is in motion. The only way of getting your self to move forward is starting.
I can not tell you exactly what skill sets to have quite frankly no one other than you can do it for yourself. It depends on your interests and known skillset but there do exist a few skills which are great to pick up any time.

 Learning to Manage time:-

Time management really makes a big difference in your life. Being mere mortals we have only so much time to spare and so much we can do. To do what really want to do is only possible if you have done what you need to do and the art of making this happen is time management.

Learning Social Skills and Effective Communication:-

To get things done in your life you need people to listen to you. If you can’t present yourself well you will end up with a lot of missed opportunities. Having networks of people is essential and is a job profile for many. So it is never a waste to learn social and communication skills.

Also, there are additional benefits to this skill. Just who doesn’t like to be more social?

Learning to be Healthy:-

When people say health is wealth they are not kidding. Keeping care of health can get really troublesome if you don’t pay attention to it from the start. Even if you are from a nation where your medical bills are covered by your government. Let me tell you it definitely is not a pleasant experience to get sick or unwell.

After All,

A sound soul dwells within a sound mind and a sound body.

Learn to keep emotions at check:-

I kid you not keeping your emotions at a check can be really life-saving. Being emotive can really mess up situations. Think of times you misjudged or misspoke just because you were overwhelmed by your emotions. Being calm minded can be a real boon. Better decisions are what govern success after all. A good way to learn mindfulness is meditation. I have an article which shows a simple way to meditate(click to go to the article). 

Hope you guys enjoyed this article on best investment and would like more such articles then please share and comment to keep the community alive.

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