Jobs that will not be replaced by Automation and AI.

Jobs that will not be replaced by Automation and AI.

While it is good to have efficient robots working for you day and night with minimal cost. Let’s face the fact that no one likes to lose their jobs. We can’t resist automation it is here to stay but we can take work which computers won’t be able to overtake humans in.

Automation and AI are real and jobs are lost due to it. People will have to look for better jobs and technology.

A few decades ago horses were the primary mode of transport now you rarely ever see them around. Telephone operator used to be a popular career for low skilled workers. Now they have been replaced completely. I can give you even more examples. Earlier there used to be a lot of trackmen to switch rail lines by pulling levers as a train approaches. Now the rail switches are automated. Controlled by switchboard with the station master.

Future with automation and ai:

Automation is not a bad thing.  A simple example of automation where it shines is self-driving cars. It will likely reduce road accidents. They also reduce our travel time being more efficient than their human counterparts. Technology advancement will introduce us to safer work which is less repetitive.

Automation has its advantages but self-driving will also replace millions of workers. People who work as drivers around the globe will need new bread earner. No need to panic though it will not be in a single day and would be rather gradual phasing out. Yet it is better to avoid the pain of losing your job. 

 Automation makes economic sense for big corporate houses. The world revolves around economical benefit. It only makes sense to take up a career path that is least likely to be ever replaced.

 Jobs that automation and AI will not replace in any near future are:


Healthcare Jobs vs Automation and AI:

Healthcare and automation

Jobs such as medical assistants and nurses are unlikely to be ever replaced. The need for doctors may become less as our technology gets better at diagnosis. Robots will never be able to replace doctors.

The reason for this being that the healthcare industry requires a social connect with its patients. A device can never achieve this. A doctor or a nurse provide service catered towards individual needs. This can still not replicated by a computer.

Any Creative Profession vs Robotisation:

art and automation
We have had AI try to compose music and make art but quite frankly they never come up with works that can rival a human. It can be fascinating to see a robot dance but it never quite matches the awe in watching a human dance to the rhythm.
Entertainers need a certain spontaneity and charisma. Computers can’t achieve this as they lack personality. Creative writers like *cough*  me  *cough* are also in the safe zone. As computers can’t provide insights. They lack opinions and can’t deal with situations which require a human touch.

Technicians and Maintainance workers vs Automation and AI

technicians after automation
Maintainance work is something that is pretty unlikely to be repetitive. Automation and AI are for replacing workers that do repetitive work. It just makes more economic sense that way. A machine can not predict for certain how every failure may take place. Even if it does know the case of failure the location and variety may vary. It is way better to just hire a maintenance worker. Hence they are unlikely to be replaced.
Caretakers and teachers:
A computer can never provide that sense of connection that two humans can feel. They simply are not able to cater to needs that may be unique or one of their kind for AI can only handle cases which it has seen or can predict. A job requiring a human touch like that of caretaker or teacher cannot be given in the hands of sentient beings. Though computer can and do aid humans they can’t replace these profiles.

Customer Care, Managers and HR vs AI:

customer care vs automation
Customer care, managers and Hr all deal with one common thing and that is humans. They rely on human interaction to get their jobs done. While it is possible that there will be smaller staff but they will never truly be replaced by automation.

Journalists and Judiciary vs Automation:

journalists vs automation
You just can’t have computers deal with opinions or give judgements. They lack human conscious and will probably lack that for at least the decades to come. Computers cant give judgements to something they have never seen or provide any opinion since they lack any opinion or say of their own.
Automation and AI  can be used to predict and find the probability of crime.  A computer can only consider so many cases. False positives do occur with such high stakes you better not have them due to a computer. Trust is the basis of judgement for many and it gets hard to put faith on non-sentient being. 

Education and Automation:

educationa vs automation
Education is something that seems to have the most potential to be 100 per cent impacted by automation and AI. I mean just look at the number of courses available online. I would still beg to differ with the idea that education can ever be completely automated. A connect made between a teacher and student can’t be replicated. Good teachers are an inspiration for life. A machine just can’t address the emotional development of a child. Also, kids can be quite fussy and difficult. An actual teacher can keep check of participation and motivation.
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  1. I agee… *cough me *cough… no matter how far technology goes with AI, the bottom line, is you can’t replace human emotion, creativity and spontaneous insight. Great article.

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