6 Pieces advice for Indian teens I wish I knew when I was a teenager

6 Pieces advice for Indian teens I wish I knew when I was a teenager

Teenage years are the most confusing years, to say the least. Puberty hits you hard. You are now somewhat free. You can explore stuff for yourself better and are the ruler of your own life (kind of at least). Life is fun yet difficult. You have to decide on which stream to take and what path you want to follow.

Questions do keep popping up like – What profession do I want to follow? Should I become an engineer, doctor or take a road less taken? Should I take humanities, commerce or science? Which college to aim for?

Also, you have Boards and competitive exam to worry about if you opt to sit for. In total being an Indian teen is no easy task. A lot can go wrong but don’t worry you have an experience holder among you here are the 6 pieces of advice for Indian teens I wish I knew when I was a teenager.

Adults are humans just like you:

Your parents and teachers will not always be right and definitely not always wrong. When they give advise understand that it comes from good intentions and based on their wisdom(their past experience backs it). They try to help you but that doesn’t mean that they will always have the solution or understand your situation completely. The best thing to do is to respect their opinions and use your wits to choose the best option for you. Neither should you completely ignore their advice nor follow it blindly.

Your Academics Matter:

You are going to face a lot of stress and tension for your academics regardless of your stream or background. In this pressure, many students just give in and stop working completely. They start goofing around and get into the wrong kind of troubles. Make the wrong decisions and regret. I am not telling you to not enjoy or not have fun with friends but just urging you to be mindful of your studies as well. Learn new skills and discover all possibilities all avenues. Every route has the potential of becoming successful and rich.

Your Marks don’t matter in the grand scheme of things:

 Ok, in just last point I asked you to study now why am I contradicting? See, marks open opportunities they neither make nor break your life. Try your best to get good marks but don’t consider yourself a failure if you don’t. Regret is inevitable if you work hard and not achieve but don’t live in it. Marks don’t define the successful their work does. So, move on and start with a new goal. Just remember good marks give headstart and rest is your effort.

Don’t care about people would say:

 If you limit your self based on what others will say then they will start to command your life. Your life is your life and none of their life. Now, this doesn’t mean forget public decency and run around disturbing others. Just don’t base your decisions on others. Keep your priorities in your mind if you achieve something the same people will go around saying how they encouraged you to take this decision.

Friends will come and go:

Most of your friends will only be there with you for a part of your journey. Have fun with them and make memories with them but remember they are part of the journey, not the journey. They will leave you and part your ways sooner or later. If you come to the road because of your poor decisions they will not provide you with a home. They are just known strangers. Meet new people to make new connections and stay away from toxic people.

Understand the game known as money:

 You will spend a good majority of your life behind money and the sad thing is no one will teach how it works. If you are financially illiterate. Credits cards will feel like boon while they can easily turn to bane. Taxes will hit you like a tsunami and investing will remain a puzzle until you reach a mid-life crisis. Take up a personal finance book and save yourself from trouble and losing a lot of money. Personal finance is not the same as stock marketing (One that you all business channels keep showing) so don’t worry it is simple.

Don’t worry too much though you can almost never screw your life and always will have a way to get back on track. Also, teen years are the best time to take the risk and try new stuff if you fail you can excuse saying you are inexperienced. You friends family and teachers have your back if you do mess up. Be happy and keep moving forward

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