7 Answers to how to be happy? [Secrets to Happiness]

Every single human who has ever set foot on this glorious earth of ours from time immemorial has at least once if not most of the time had the urge to find happiness. For many, finding happiness is the goal of our lives. The way to find lasting happiness isn’t exactly known to anyone but we do have some cues from those who claim to have witnessed it. Pretty rare creatures for a population of over 7 billion people. The 7 secrets to happiness explore just

Let’s examine how to be happy? [#7 secrets to happiness]:

  1. Personal Success through Monetary means: Money makes the world go round maybe it will also help in the cycle of life? An immense amount of money can get you if nothing else stability and security in life. You don’t have to work and keep the mind away from your goal of gaining happiness. After all, if you have to worry about your next meal you probably won’t have that much of an urge to find happiness. You can also use the money to objects that bring you joy. If a toffee brings you the happiness you can get that. If a yacht does then you can get that and if a toffee on a yacht does the thing for you that is possible as well.
  2. Happiness Through Personal Achievement: Achievements and personal success may also be a great means to find happiness. Achievements by virtue of being achievements bring glory and thus happiness. The fame which follows or the acknowledgement from others might be the key to finding inner joy and peace. Being satisfied from yourself is difficult especially when everyone is trying to one-up the other. Being the best by definition can have only one entity as the best. Luckily there are millions of things to be best at. Unluckily billions of people as well.
  3. Finding Happiness through relations: Your relationships and people can be the one thing that makes you happy the most in life. The joy of being a friend, son, daughter, husband, wife, mother or father might be beyond any other joy. Relations and memories made by them can be a vital reason for happiness. Though one must not forget that just like relations help you gain happiness they also make you face sorrow. Relations are after all sharing of joy and pain. You need to be comfortable with both aspects.
  4. Happiness through Self Reflection: You might not find happiness outside but maybe you will find happiness inside. Introspecting and looking back at life can be painful but also bring humility in life. You can find the most beautiful of roses and prickliest of thorn all within memories buried within you. Self-reflection can be difficult not because of any physical pain but because of the strain of the past. You may get back to carrying the same past baggage that you left ages back.
  5. The secret to happiness through Meditation: Happiness might lie in finding inner peace and calmness. Finding serenity within this hectic world may bring you closer to the happiness and joy you seek. Meditation revolves on focusing and concentrating on one thought. Clearing blockades of stress and troubles of life and being with peace and harmony in this the world. It a mental and spiritual exercise to find fulfilment and calmness. Making yourself devoid of turbulence of daily struggles can bring it closer to happiness. Maybe too much of it can also make you feel devoid of the need for happiness and for our goal that is counterproductive.
  6. The secret to Happiness through Staying fit: Happiness through exercise might feel a bit random here on this list but our body really appreciates some exercise. Physical work daily is rewarded by the body. The happy hormone oxytocin is released. Though exercise is not the only thing that body rewards you for. It also rewards you for staying fit in general. Having a simple life but a healthy diet with occasional variation in the pallet may get you happiness.
  7. The secret to Happiness lies in contributing: A special sense of satisfaction can be found from helping others. Inner joy from relieving the pain of others if you must say. Helping the needy or contributing a hand for the greater good may make you feel happy. Having made a dent in humanity’s biggest problem or even the simpler smaller ones can make you increase confidence in your life’s purpose. That though does mean you need to be first comfortable yourself so you can help others. Still with all the help and good deeds. It may so happen that karma won’t work for you. Work in, no happiness out?

Though none of this individually seems to get you anywhere close to happiness in our goal. But I do know that each of them takes you a step closer to your goal of happiness. Follow each of them a little and do will find happiness or I believe.

What brings happiness within you? Write down below and also do share for more such articles.

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